Dental Technology

A Healthy, Beautiful Smile is Within Your Reach!

Like any area of health care, dentistry has benefited from new technologies. These advances have resulted in faster, more efficient treatment and significant improvements in patient comfort.

Montague River Dentistry is committed to offering the latest innovations in dental treatments and technology. A small sampling of the technologies we use is included below.


CEREC is an exciting technology that has made dental restorations easier and much less painful. With CEREC we can complete a porcelain crown or veneer in just one visit. That means less time and discomfort for you. CEREC also enables us to use materials for your dental restoration that closely match the composition and colour of your natural teeth.

Digital X-rays

Instead of making you bite down on a sharp and uncomfortable piece of film, we take your dental x-rays quickly and conveniently with the latest in digital technology. With digital x-rays our dental professionals simply slip a sensor into your mouth. Your x-ray appears almost instantly on our computer so we can better explain to you what we see.

STA Wand

The ‘Wand’ is a comfortable computer assisted anesthetic (freezing) device that is less intimidating that the standard needle. The look and the feel of this technology helps reduce the dental anxiety which is commonly associated with dental freezing.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Allows both dentist and patient to more efficiently see and understand the patient’s oral condition.

Diode Laser

Lasers are the most precise, least traumatic instrument that will help patients heals faster with less post-operative discomfort and risk of infections. Imagine the patient's experience with no drilling noise, vibration or need for anaesthetic.

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